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Raticate in Pokémon GO

Raticate's sturdy fangs grow steadily. To keep them ground down, it gnaws on rocks and logs. It may even chew on the walls of houses.

#20 Raticate

  • Normal

General Information

  • NameRaticate
  • Number20
  • FamilyRattata Family
  • Height0.7 m
  • Weight18.5 Kg

Raticate Stats

  • Base Attack161
  • Base Defense139
  • Base Stamina146

Raticate as a Buddy

  • Km per Candy1
  • Mega Energy Awardn/a


  • Base Capture Rate20%
  • Base Flee Rate7.000000000000001%
  • Attack Probability20%
  • Attack Timer8 s
  • Dodge Probability15%
  • Dodge Duration1 s
  • Movement TypeJump
  • Movement Timer23 s
  • Jump Timer1 s
  • Minimum Actions Frequency0.2 s
  • Maximum Actions Frequency1.6 s

Raticate Settings

  • Final EvolutionYes
  • Level 25 CP1023
  • 3rd Move Candy Cost25
  • 3rd Move Stardust Cost10000
  • TradableYes
  • TransferableYes
  • DeployableYes

Raticate Evolutions

Found 2 evolution forms of the Rattata family

Raticate Variants

Raticate has 4 variants in Pokémon GO