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Vibrava in Pokémon GO

To make prey faint, Vibrava generates ultrasonic waves by vigorously making its two wings vibrate. This Pokémon's ultrasonic waves are so powerful, they can bring on headaches in people.

#329 Vibrava

  • Ground
  • Dragon

General Information

  • NameVibrava
  • Number329
  • FamilyTrapinch Family
  • Height1.09 m
  • Weight15.3 Kg

Vibrava Stats

  • Base Attack134
  • Base Defense99
  • Base Stamina137

Vibrava as a Buddy

  • Km per Candy5
  • Mega Energy Awardn/a


  • Base Capture Rate10%
  • Base Flee Rate6%
  • Attack Probability20%
  • Attack Timer20 s
  • Dodge Probability30%
  • Dodge Duration0.5 s
  • Movement TypeElectric
  • Movement Timer11 s
  • Jump Timer1.1 s
  • Minimum Actions Frequency0.2 s
  • Maximum Actions Frequency1.6 s

Vibrava Settings

  • Final EvolutionNo
  • Level 25 CP696
  • 3rd Move Candy Cost75
  • 3rd Move Stardust Cost75000
  • TradableYes
  • TransferableYes
  • DeployableYes

Vibrava Evolutions

Found 3 evolution forms of the Trapinch family

Vibrava Variants

Vibrava has 3 variants in Pokémon GO