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Spinarak in Pokémon GO

The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands.

#167 Spinarak

  • Bug
  • Poison

General Information

  • NameSpinarak
  • Number167
  • FamilySpinarak Family
  • Height0.51 m
  • Weight8.5 Kg

Spinarak Stats

  • Base Attack105
  • Base Defense73
  • Base Stamina120

Spinarak as a Buddy

  • Km per Candy1
  • Mega Energy Awardn/a


  • Base Capture Rate50%
  • Base Flee Rate20%
  • Attack Probability10%
  • Attack Timer20 s
  • Dodge Probability15%
  • Dodge Duration1 s
  • Movement TypeJump
  • Movement Timer11 s
  • Jump Timer1 s
  • Minimum Actions Frequency0.2 s
  • Maximum Actions Frequency1.6 s

Spinarak Settings

  • Final EvolutionNo
  • Level 25 CPn/a
  • 3rd Move Candy Cost25
  • 3rd Move Stardust Cost10000
  • TradableYes
  • TransferableYes
  • DeployableYes

Spinarak Evolutions

Found 2 evolution forms of the Spinarak family